Employment law is a complex set of federal and state laws and procedures that affect every business and all employees. To effectively represent employers and employees, a lawyer needs to understand both perspectives and function with them in mind.

Koehler Fitzgerald LLC is a leader in employment law. Our attorneys have decades of experience in labor and employment law, representing both small and large clients in sophisticated employment matters and day-to-day compliance issues.

Serving Both Employees And Employers

On the employer side, we assist with all statutory workplace issues and craft clear employment handbooks, policies, contracts and severance agreements, protecting mission-critical intellectual property and trade secrets. We counsel on wage and hour, medical leave and other day-to-day compliance issues.

On the employee side, we represent Ohio workers who believe they have been subjected to illegal discriminatory treatment, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and other workplace injustices.

Our approach as employment lawyers is to focus on best practices for businesses that benefit both the company and its workforce. Employers focus on the bottom line, meeting timelines and client and customer expectations while at the same time complying with the myriad state and federal statutes, rules and regulations affecting businesses.

Likewise, employees want good jobs and to be proud of being productive and generating profit — but they want to be treated fairly as well. Sometimes conflicts arise. There is a meeting point between these goals, and we seek to locate that point in all our negotiations.

We represent management in labor arbitrations. However, we do not represent parties in collective bargaining negotiations.

Contact Us For Assistance With Employment Matters

If you have a serious employment law problem, contact Koehler Fitzgerald LLC at 216-539-7714 or toll free at 800-391-5127. Our office is located in Cleveland.