Because so much is at stake, the world of investments contains many disputes. Broker-dealers and their registered representatives are frequently blamed for investor losses and require experienced securities litigators to prepare and conduct their defense.

Our attorneys represent broker-dealers, registered representatives and investment advisers in disputes that come before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA); the Securities and Exchange Commission; state securities regulators; and state, federal and administrative tribunals across the U.S.

Successfully Handling Securities Issues Around The Country

Our firm represents clients in nearly every state, with the greatest concentration in the Midwest. Over the years, we have successfully seen clients through to final awards or judgments in many dozens of cases.

Our lawyers have appeared in trial and appellate courts (state and federal) in Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, New York, Texas and California in class and derivative suits and broker-dealer and investment adviser actions. They also have extensive experience with Section 11, 12 and 14 claims, as well as Rule 10b-5, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and other common law claims.

Extensive Experience In Derivative And Class Action Litigation

Our extensive experience in every facet of the securities industry gives us credibility when explaining complex problems to judges, juries and arbitration panels. These cases include both shareholder derivative and securities class action suits, and they involve every kind of investment product, including stocks, bonds, options, commodities and futures, hedge funds, COOs, CMOs and other mortgage-backed securities.

In derivative actions, we have represented companies and their officers and directors, plus attorneys, auditors, underwriters, hedge funds and private equity firms in cases arising from mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation and other transactions where the shareholders of a company assert claims against the company's corporate officers or directors. We likewise handle D&O insurance liability cases, where shareholders charge the company with breach of fiduciary duty or fraud.

Respected In FINRA Arbitration

Koehler Fitzgerald LLC is known and respected throughout the industry and throughout the court and arbitration network. Judges and opponents respect us for our experience and our proven knowledge of statutes, industry rules and regulations.

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